Travelling abroad?

If your travelling abroad you may be aware of the geolocation restrictions on apps such as BBC Iplayer and Sky Player. Our VPN unlocks this restriction.

Also you may notice that when in another country your google also reverts to that country!

Simply connect up to our VPN using the UK sign and all of geolocation restrictions go away. Relax with your TV services, google, Amazon and more!

Our VPN is Superior
Your internet speed is not an issue

Some VPN’s drop your speed drastically, we do not! Superior VPN has high powered servers in many countries, we will always look after your speed to prevent any loss.

Superior VPN also encrypts over 256-bit meaning that you have piece of mind at high speeds too!

Superior VPN servers are optimized for IPTV services with many port settings you can alter between for reliability.

All your data is protected by encrypted servers meaning your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can not snoop on your data and with our strict no log policy, you can enjoy your IPTV with a feel good freedom.

Unlock geolocation restrictions so you can access services in other countries too.

Privacy and Security

Protect your data! Our VPN uses an encrypted 256-bit service that allows the transfer of data to be seemless and private. No spying, no hackers, purchase goods online with confidence.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) and governments snoop on your data, no data goes untouched and they use this data to see what you are doing and also to sell data on to 3rd parties to advertise to you. This ends here, free internet is back. It unlocks restrictions sanctioned by ISP and governments legally so you have total freedom.

We have a strict no log policy – no data is saved for your piece of mind and with our high end encryption service you can feel safe that your data is encrypted and away from prying eyes. 


£3.95 / month
  • £3.95 per Month
  • Support on all plans

1 Year

£3.95 £1.95 / month
  • £47.40 £23.40 Yearly
  • SAVE 51%