Why is it good to have a VPN for IPTV?

New court order announced for Premier League and UEFA blocking giving better powers and a more enhanced system than before!

The Premier League have won again the rights to force major Internet Service Providers to scan and block IPTV services from reaching your device through your router on 16th September 2020. A VPN removes your restrictions, it allows you to show your ISP that you are connected to a proxy server and not give your data away, which we personally believe is an invasion of privacy. 

ISP’s can no longer see if you are connected to someones servers or what websites you are browsing by adding a VPN to your devices!

Sign up today and don’t lose your abilities to stream.

 Will a VPN slow My Connection? Not at all! Your internet only slows if you are bouncing off servers on the other side of the world but we have superfast speeds

 Can I Connect to more devices?
Yes. You can use our service on 5 devices at a time! Protect everything.

 Will Superior VPN monitor any of my information?
No, we have a very strict no-logs policy. Your privacy is key to us. We are here to protect you, so you can be assured that we do not record ANY data and in turn neither can your ISP.

 How Does Superior VPN Safeguard My Data?
We uses SSL encryption, ensuring all information entered on the site remains private and secure. Our network uses 256-bit encryption and give access to thousands of anonymous IP’s. These IPs are dynamic and rotate between users, so traffic cannot be traced to individuals.

Data Collection
An Internet Service Provider (ISP), without a VPN tracks all your data and sells it on to 3rd parties anonymously to send you adverts and other information. It all get gets recorded.

Prevent this from happening, prevent your data and your privacy being breached on all your devices everyday – Get Superior VPN installed and feel free!

Circumvent ISP Throttling IPTV Services

It’s no news that most ISPs have at one time or the other throttled the internet service for their users. Surprisingly, most users are unaware of this unfair act done by the ISPs. It’s probably because most don’t know what throttling is. In simple terms, throttling simply refers to the intentional reduction in the speed of your broadband internet connection by your ISP.

ISPs claim they use it to reduce network congestion and regulate traffic in a network. Their claim is true, but that’s certainly not what you paid for. Imagine streaming content while you’re on a plan of 60 Mbps only for you to get about 30 Mbps after throttling. Or perhaps downloading initially with a speed of 56 Mbps and subsequently the speed drops to 12 Mbps. That’s what throttling does. It can hinder you from watching your videos without buffering.

Using a VPN, you’re able to stop your ISP from throttling your traffic. This ensures that you stream your favorite content without fear of a reduction in data transfer speeds. Because throttling is usually done based on the type of content you access via your ISP, using a VPN will make it impossible for your ISP to know what type of data you are transferring.


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